The customer is responsible of choosing the correct size and item from the website. We encourage you to check the size chart to ensure you are ordering the correct sizing. We have a cart to add your items and check out once you are satisfied with what you picked.
All special custom orders are subject to acceptance of SUPRAMORPHOUS and the sale price will be discussed/arranged with the customer prior to both customer and SUPRAMORPHOUS acceptance and move forward with the order.
There are no terms of payment unless other arranged/specified by SUPRAMORPHOUS with the customer. All online orders must be paid once checked out. Special custom-made orders payments are directly arranged by SUPRAMORPHOUS and the client. SUPRAMORPHOUS normally requests a payment in advance of 50% of the arranged price of the order and the balance of 50% payable at the time of delivery.
Orders are non-cancellable without previous SUPRAMORPHOUS consent. Special custom-made orders are not cancellable.
SUPRAMORPHOUS reserves its right to refuse a return of items unless the wrong item/size was shipped.
SUPRAMOURPHOUS will arrange a fit session with the client for specific fit and size the garment accordingly to the client’s body. Exchanges are acceptable upon SUPRAMORPHOUS consent.
Don'T worry! If your item needs a bit of tailoring to fit you perfectly, SUPRAMORPHOUS will do it.
SUPRAMORPHOUS is a registered trademark and the LOGO/IMAGERY are property of SUPRAMORPHOUS. The misuse and usage of the imagery for customer’s personal purposes and without SUPRAMORPHOUS consent, is prohibited.
SUPRAMORPHOUS ships with Canada POST locally and internationally. If the client prefers to ship using a different courier than Canada POST please let us know so we can make the proper arrangements.